Happy and Healthy 30s to 50s

It’s said that women are in their prime in their 40 s .. They are more clear about their wants and needs , they are more confident in their sexuality , more settled at homefronts or workplaces … But
But at physical level everything may not be hunky-dory..
She is at a major crossroads where her hormones start playing havocs ..
This may encompass Mid thirties to mid fifties … the transitions towards menopause .. Some get it rough some get it smooth ..
She is going through a phase of hormonal rollercoster ride . That havs a impact which she may never have experienced before ..
Here in this blog I will try to discuss the issues women face from mid  thirties to mid fifties  along with diet n exercise solutions to combat those! This is so much that’s happening to me , you n  many  women that I have come across being a fitness consultant for many years.

Most women in their mid  life experience different physiological changes mostly leading towards menopause .
Menopause literally means stopping of menstrual cycle . This may mark end of fertile phase in a women’s life . It is not a disease, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just a phase , a natural process . But the changes set in many Years before actual menopause . They come under perimenopause .

Perimenopause or around the menopause phase  is symptomatic of hormonal imbalances and is the most disturbing  phase where irregular periods are quite comman.
The otherwise “like a clockwork ” menstrual cycles get mind of its own ( as if we haven’t put up with enough ‘minds of its own )
it’s a total chaos time … Heavy periods( draining), no periods ( constant fear of unwanted pregnancy), frequent periods ( surprise! ) n queen of all is periods that don’t stop for months ..  ( no .. It happens ..believe me …)..creeping weight gain ( no need to elaborate), irritability ( like a pressure valve .. Ready to burst ), migraines , fatigue ….
And all these ‘surprises are  difficult to deal with in a otherwise stressful n fast life of a 21 st century superwoman !
Hormonal imbalance occurs  when our sex hormone levels fluctuate too widely or too quickly, outside the range that your body can manage. There are also changes in the cycling and ratios between estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH).
Tthe cumulative effects of poor diet, chronic stress, lack of sleep, too little exercise, and environmental toxins in this 21 st century lifestyle  takes a toll on our bodies resulting in  hormones  imbalance. Once this happens, the problem tends to escalates over time, unless you offer your body the kind of support it needs to restore hormonal balance.
Ofcoarse doctors are there to prescribe HRT or other medications but women should understand that they are not alone .. Not all but many women experience one or many symptoms of perimenopause .

But a healthy life style will help in smooth sailing through perimenopause .. Right n timely  eating , proper exercises , destressing are the most important combat tools for hormonal imbalance .

1. Avoid High Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fats
Advisable to use coconut oil , pure ghee , olive oil ( no heating)
2 . Avoid caffeine .. It increases stress.. Opt for green tea instead
3. Avoid fat illimination fad diets .. They deprive body of hormonal building blocks
4.toxins from plastics, pesticides etc have chemical comp similar to hormones .. So avoid
5.exercise which will reduce stress … Rhythmic exercises, deep breathing , meditation
Please let me know if you are going through this or something else ,

you are not alone


8 thoughts on “Happy and Healthy 30s to 50s

  1. Excellent write up Yogini!!
    Yes, I am experiencing mid 30 syndrome and have come to realise that only proper diet and adequate exercise will help me cross this.

  2. Hi. Just read this. And yes i m too going through some of these mid 30 syndrome and have realised that i too have to take care

  3. Hi Yogini!!!
    very informative very well compiled and am sure many will find it handy.
    Good n Glad you have come up with blog of your own.

  4. you can say healthy 30s, anxious 40s…recently I met many women and girls too who are suffering from different types of cancer related to women…which really makes you think what if…………I !?
    This is more dreadful situation for a woman in 40s.

  5. Very informative. It helped us understand how and why there are physiological changes at this age. Please give us more info about core muscle strength building exersises. Feels like it’s a loosing battle to keep the fat off the lower body.

  6. Hey good information and especially th point abt being 21st cen superwomen.. That is our problem.. Some info on diet would be good.. Looking forward to read more.

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