Modify your Exercise pattern

The physical and emotional needs after 30 are different so we need to addresss those differently. Thechances of getting Diabetes, cardiac problems,Hypertension, Hormonal imbalances are more due to stressful and somewhat sedentary lifestyle which is  same for homemaker as well as working women.Also 40s also bring about muscle loss , lowered BMR, loss of flexibility , joint discomforts .Exercises are one of the best ways to tackle of advancing age relatedproblems .
Even for a regular exercising person the exercise pattern in their20s will be  ineffective . You will notice those same   reps or sets or exercises are little difficult to achieve or don’t give effects as desired . You will burn less calories due to less BMR ( it’s amount of energy used up for bodily functions at rest,like calories used up on breathing , digesting etc) especially in women the menopausal or perimenopausal changes bring about lowered bone calcium levels due to lower estrogen.
All these slowly and steadily lead to  weight gain , altered posture , lowered stamina and strength but worry not … That hourglass figure is not entirely unachievable , you just have to start or restart that fitness routine . You just have to modify exercises to get optimum benefit .

1. Strength training is absolutely essential to Improve bone density . Those dumbbells , barbells , Therabands will have to be put to good use . This will lower the risks of  fractures in old age .

2. Core training , pillates are good to improve core strength ( core comprises of your back, chest, ab muscles  all except your limbs ) and to get back that fantastic waist. Also core muscle strength helps to maintain perfect posture.

3.avoid high impact cardio activities to avoid injuries .try non weight bearing activities like swimming , cycling  ,Aqua -Aerobics .

4.Yoga , meditation will help to destress which will bring about relaxation.

5. Try to workout especially for back, triceps, hips and Abs which are more susceptible to change due to advancing age .

6. Working out with a partner is a great way for motivation . It helps in achieving fitness goals as well as gives  psychological support .

7. Try to ditch those remotes, swiveling chairs , cars .. Try maximum physical activities in your daily routine  to keep away those steadily piling pounds due to lowered BMR.

Thus a Regular  exercise regime with cardio , strength training and yoga will definitely improve posture  (which is definitely going to worsen otherwise)strength n stamina ( to easily tackle demanding lifestyle), hormonal balance ( to bring about smooth sailing into advancing age ).

So ladies go for that chic gym gear , hit the gym or exercise classes, remember No pain No gain ! And those hit the Gym regularly try different n challenging exercises concentrating on your core muscles.
Regular n  modified exercise regime is a key to happy n healthy 30s to 50s .


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