The Art of Dieting.

 Ladies a simple riddle…..

What is the most common thing urban women are doing .,, simple ….Most of women are dieting . This dieting thing for most women is starvation . I think UN is unnecessarily spending millions to irradicate starvation , they should see women willingly starving themselves. They get that high on torturing their bodies by starving . This diet word is now synonymous to starvation . I think Oxford dictionary people should make this change in their next edition .

Almost all the women are falling pray to Fad diets thanks to those zero figure bodies that are promoting it. Sometimes These diets ( AkA starvation tortures ) target carbs or sometimes gluten , Fat and sugar are the  all time  victims. But when this  diet ( simply put as amount of food n drinks needed by body ) is attached to healthy ,it gives it a right meaning . It is amount of food and water needed to maintain health . So you see health is attached to right eating and drinking adequate water. Starving your body towards the quest of perfect slim figure ruins your health . This nutritional backlog will cost you in fatigue , dullness, hairloss, dark circles and internally in irreparable nutritional imbalance .
Ladies diet is about eating . The right things  in right quantity at right time . This will give your body right nutrients . Every nutrient is part of a big production line , if one is missing , imagine the product that will come out . Be informed about what the problems would be if you are going to follow Fad diets . For some time you will see yourself shedding weight but you will have to pay cost of this nutritional imbalance.  
Now I will discuss  in detail the outcomes of nutritional loss after Fad n wrong diets
 Carb Free Diets — people try various low carb diets . But along with shrinking waist line they also experience fatigue , thyroid dysfunction symptoms . Carbs are our main energy source. Our Indian diet is  predominantly carb based like rice , wheat  etc . So when this main part of diet is eliminated, body gets confused . That affects normal metabolism . If you follow this kind of diet for very long you will suffer with  hair loss ,low energy levels     ( imagine a pen  or a printer cartridge with a very low ink ) 
So you should have carbs in your diet but  you can choose wisely in right quantity .The healthiest sources of carbohydrates—unprocessed or minimally processed whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans—promote good health by delivering vitamins, minerals, fiber, and a host of important phytonutrients.

 Gluten free diets–These are very popular now . They are like a magic wand ,one swish n you get an hourglass figure . Those who have gluten sensitivity have to follow gluten free diets but those who follow it as a fad diet are not really benefitted by it . Only possibility of weight loss could be due to limited food choices without Gluten . But you may end up getting more fat or sugars in food as without binding property of Gluten , manufacturers have to use extra fat or sugars. In fact, research suggests that those who forgo gluten may be more likely to miss out on important nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, and fiber.

Fat Free Diets— This is the most Avoided nutrient in Fad Diets . Fat free diets may infact harm in more ways than the benefits 
Eating a diet too low in fat can interfere with the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Because these nutrients are fat soluble, your body needs dietary fat to utilize them. These vitamins are stored mostly in the liver and fat tissue and are important in bodily functions such as growth, immunity, cell repair and blood clotting. If you’re not eating enough fat to bring these vitamins into your body, they will be excreted, and you may be at risk for a vitamin deficiency.
You are also depriving your body of essential Fatty acids which you get from dietary source . Omega 3s m Omega 6s are important for mental health . They are precursors of many important hormones . Depression is often seen with this low fat diets . 
It also affects the nutrient intake balance . The low fat meal will eventually lead to less HDL ( good cholesterol )
Thus the harm outweighs the  benefits of low fat diets . 

So friends don’t fall pray to these fad diets . They harm your body in many ways . You may get that weight , inch loss but internally you are depriving your body of essential nutrients . You should master the art of Dieting . Starving is not a dieting .  Eliminating nutrients from your diet is not Dieting . Everything in right quantity is essential for your well being . If you master this you have mastered the Art of Dieting .

My Friends ,master the Art Of Dieting and go on a path of Happy and Healthy 30s to 50s.


Annual Health Check ups

Hi friends,

Today morning i woke up with a unusual alarm tone. It is a reminder for my Annual Health Check up for tomorrow. 


Friends as we are approaching or already around our 40s the greatest favour we can do on ourselves is getting full body check ups .The 21 st century superwoman too needs that data to declare  All is well ! 
The greatest benefit of an annual physical is that it lays down the baseline for your health for both you and your Dr. The deviations from these will indicate the abnormalities leading to risk factors.
Ladies , along with the routine weight , blood pressure  checks .. mammography and pap smears are of extreme importance . They are indicative of cellular changes which may result in malignancy . There is  a proverb ‘a stich in time saves nine ‘,likewise  it will save us with timely detection and treatment againt breast and other  cancers .Timely detection is the only chance to fight back this dread. 
The ECG, Stress test, 2D Echo   record cardiac health. These tests indicate the condition of heart . The stress and unhealthy lifestyle have  started  showing it’s ugly impact even in younger people who are suffering with hypertension or dying of heart attacks. checking heart condition will help to avoid these life scares .
The routint blood tests which are significant  are  
CBC( complete blood Count)
LFT( liver function test)
RFT( Renal Function Test)
Blood Sugar ( Diebetes .. A slow killer)
Cholesterol , Triglyceride 
Serum Uric Acid  (to diagnose Gout)
Serum Calcium 
HIV , HbsAg, RA test ( Rheumatid Arthritis )
Some may need to do Thyroid tests also . It’s observed and statistically proven that many perimenopausal women are suffering with thyroid problems. 
One more most common deficiency seen today is of Vit D . The Indian fixation of whiter skins is also one of the reasons causing this . We try to keep away from sun ,  use Sun Blocks . Also desks jobs make it easier to be away from sun .. When the sun’s UV-B rays hit the skin, a reaction takes place that enables skin cells to manufacture vitamin D . Thus       no sun …  no Vit D  which will cause disturbance in Calcium Absorption . we don’t have VitD fortified products , so dietary source is also not available to us. Thus eventhough India is a tropical country ,most of us are Vit D deficient . 
Many hospitals and Diagnostic centers now give  complete health screening packages . It is advisable to do complete health check ups every year . This will give us a true picture of our health and ring  an alarm for possible health threats . It will result in intervention  and precaution . 
Ladies this is the phase in our life when we are not  old , we can still enjoy and get everything from life provided  we keep it healthy . Diabetes, cardiac issues , cancers are easily controllable /reversible if and only if detected in time . So friends pledge that you will do your health checkups every year to enjoy a long and healthy life . Consult your physician and opt for a suitable test combination and please gift yourself a sound health with annual health check ups . 

Bye… i am off to fix my check up appointment.