Myth of Spot Reduction

Reduce Tummy Fat in just 1 month !!! Sounds attractive , isn’t it ??

There are many informercials like these claiming to do spot Reductions. Every nook n corner gym or Health centre is vouching on their tummy trimmers m thigh reducing workouts but let me tell you it is all a humbug ! It’s just a marketing gimmick to attract you . Spot reduction may seem possible theoretically but it is not so in reality .
I will give you one example so that u understand it better . Have you ever seen a tennis or badminton players with very wire like thin arms … No .. Good ! .. Ok have you seen basketball players with very wiry , thin legs eventhough they use hands n legs more than other body parts ? No .. infact they have toned , proportioned bodies , if this spot reduction was true then their arms n legs would be like sticks .. Result of
Muscle specific activities ….,,,

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